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Originally Posted by Craigart14
The victim had turned slightly in the saddle, and his right hand, which supposedly had a gun in it, was clearly visible in the lights from the cop car. Why would a cop be so close to losing it during a routine traffic stop with backup on the way? So close to the edge that he shot someone in the back with no gun in sight?

A few forget that they are cops and think instead that they are judge, jury, and executioner.

No excuses for Officer White.

Did they really refuse to lift the hot bike off him? Not cops, but scumbags.

I would like to know what Officer White had to say for himself when these questions were put to him and why he didnt follow procedure?
Why did he leave the siren on?
Why did he pull his weapon in the first place?
After drawing his weapon why didnt he issue instructions to take control, such as get off the bike, lay down, place the poor chap in handcuffs, etc?

I would still consider this heavy handed, excessive and unnecessary, but its a far cry from a bullet in the back and making this man a paraplegic.

Having said that, I can understand why police, particular in the USA place someone in handcuffs as a matter of course in these situations. As has been mentioned, peoples reactions can be unpredictable in stressful situations especially if its an average punter with no training or experience in such matters. They could be under the influence of all manner of substances, etc.

Yes police have a difficult job. Its not pleasant being exposed to and having to deal with the less than desirable elements of society on a daily basis. However, thats whats training and procedures are for and last time I checked, these individuals volunteered. Police are issued with weapons and the discretion to exercise deadly force, so they must be held to a higher standard. If the pressures of the job get to much, then they are no longer effective and tragedies like this will happen.
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