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Originally Posted by DRjoe
ok ok I'll pull me finger out soon.
In the mean time how about you two fellas get on with your project.
Being on the other side of the world to your bike is not an excuse Tileman
Not an excuse!!!!!!! Iīm 3000 US dollars, 3 months, and 16000 miles away from mine.

But, yep, its not a complete excuse, Iīm doing wiring diagrams and the like and some CAD work on the front headlight mounts etc. But I still figure I have a good reason for no physical work on the bike being done.

Look foward to the updates when you get into it, Mezo has been a bit slack recently with new pics, well ones of the bike anyhow (the personal add ones just donīt cut it) and I think I am starting to look for a replacement for his build thread (before it turns into a ride thread).
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