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Originally Posted by nobrakes
I wasn't blaming the goggles, in fact, more pointing out that it probably wasn't the particular goggles since two different types fogged up on me. Must be me.

I worked on Tyler's bike for him tonight. Valve adjust - both the intakes and exhausts. I don't think that was his problem, though. I think the sealant around the header and the manifold just blew out, and it was sucking air, causing it to pop on decel. He's going to fix that.

I spent the rest of the evening working on the 200 XC-W. I still have a good bit of work to do to get it ready for me to race. I need to replace the rear tire, the Rekluse needs an adjustment - the clutch pack is a little too tight and it wants to stall when the rear wheel locks up - need to fix that, and I need to install the new rear spring and set the sag. Tonight I put on new handlebars, cut them down to fit between the trees, and adjusted the steering stops which were set too wide. Not sure I can get all that done, I may need to prioritize.

So as long as it's not raining too badly, I'm shooting to ride County Line on Sunday. If not, I'll join you at the farm.
Thanks for helping out Tyler in my absence. I'll call ya on the way home this afternoon. You need some help getting ready for the race?

What's the race wx forecast look like?
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