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Originally Posted by Boondox
Mario -- Is this different than the version you had at the MOA Rally last year? I bought one then and while it worked great on areas of my head that had no hair, all it seemed to do when worn over hair was add an insulating layer that made me miserable under the helmet. Is this an improvement, or should I hold off till I lose the rest of my hair?

This is basicly the same helmet liner. The fabric will stay dry on the inside even when the liner is wringing wet. That keeps the scalp dry. The moisture on the outside of the fabric will evaporate with the helmet vents open and cool you off. Our test rider was wearing one in the Arizona desert and had to close the vents to keep from getting too cold!!
I have a FULL head of hair (sorry) and my LDComfort Helmet liner keeps my head cool. Got vents?
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