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Originally Posted by claude
I am quite confident that Ralph Kalich has his act together. No one who manufactures anything such as a sidecar ever wants to have failures etc or underdesigned products out there.
McMaster Carr is a good source for many items such as this. Notice thgat at 33 bucks plus these are not your typical el cheapo heim ends.
Some are doing what you call 'direct builds' of leaners and many seem to do well. I am definately not a very knowlegeble 'leaner person' and have never built one but may do so at some point. There IS quite a bit of geometry concerns invloved to arrive at the best combination of weight bias, what leaning does to the camber of the sidecar wheel, what leaning does to to the toe in, how much wheel lead is best for a given outfit if any, and so on. Apparently the concensus of these questions is not settled as it seems alot of different ideas are still out there.

the sidecar wheel on a Kalich/Armec Sidewinder leaner just runs beside the bike to spport the main weight of the sidecar. It should be small/narrow (better motorcycle tyre in small/narrow dimensions, don't use a car tyre) and possibly better equipped with a tyre of low grip.
The camber should be basically of low to no impact (the bike still runs like a solo), imho just make it vertical with no camber.
The toe in should be able to be adjusted in one way or the other, but with the front mount higher and a small/narrow tyre the leaning shouldn't be of concern. One will need the toe in adjustment to get neutral handling at your touring speed.
Some wheel lead seems advisable due to the pushing/pulling of the sidecar wheel while leaning in/out (refer to the videos in post #23:



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