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Couple of thoughts on this one. We just got home from a Weekend Off-Road Rally. We started with 14 riders and had 2 turn around within the first mile. It was way too technical riding for this individual. About another mile in we had another rider suffer mechanical failure and had to turn around and head out of the woods. He opted to go alone without an escort. Now with 11 riders we ended up over 40 miles deep in the woods.

In this case we where incredibly fortunate that No One got hurt. At the lunch stops one of the riders said he almost ran over his own leg on one of the hill/rock inclines. This caused a nice topic for lunch conversation. So How would we deal with a massive trauma 40 miles deep into the woods?

Out of the 11 Riders we only had 2 of us (myself being one) that had any formal Red Cross Training. I'm a certified Emergency Responder and Part Time River Guide and am used to dealing with these type of situations. However the only other qualified person only had Basic First Aid and CPR Training and oh we had an undertaker if that helped!! We had limited Cell Phone reception with Internet Accesss so we could give the authorities our location if needed. I personally always ride with my SPOT so I could activate that but once the 911 system was activated it would still take even the best 4 wheeler running 10mph 4 hours to reach us and another couple hours to evacuate anyone. The Helo Evac would have been nearly impossible because of our location in the forest.

So back to the context of the thread. What to do in an emergency situation? If your riding alone yea an ID is important, however, when riding in a group make sure Someone is carrying a FIRST AID KIT!!!! A CELL PHONE, SPOT/ EPIRB and that someone besides yourself knows how to use them. Filing a Flight Plan is Essential. People should know howmany riders in the group went out for the ride.. How Many Riders Bailed out of the ride and they Made It Back to Base Camp OK!!!.. We let 3 riders leave our group and head out of the woods basicallly alone. If they would have crashed then what?

Better Planning on all our parts will be exercised on our next ride.

Just some thoughts.

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