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I recently saw this episode of The Big Bang Theory and thought of it when I saw the threads you started Land. I'll bet it is probably easier dealing with your students than us isn't it? It is all a trick to make everyone a happy family again, I hope it works. I am sure it will.

I am all for the regional versions of the game. I just felt the unveiling of the upstate game was ill timed. Anyhow moving on as hojo in sc stated this is just an opportunity to claim all of the tags.

What I would like to see amended is Fairfield and Newberry counties added to the midlands counties. Historically these counties have been included in the midlands. They have also been where the midlanders have been fairly active tagging, as it is the area that the roads start to get interesting. Personally I would not mind handing over several counties to the other regions. I saw Claredon County was inquired about in the Lowcountry TOR. So as these games are just starting up now would/could be the time to enact any changes. I would also like to see the Upstate TOR to have its area defined by counties not highways. This is a proposal of what I would like to see.

Any comments?

Legal disclaimer:
Settlement class members may join in, object to or request exclusion from the settlement. If you are within the Settlement Class and do not request exclusion by pick a date it is all for fun anyway, you will be bound by the settlement as approved by the Court and will not be able to bring a gripe with respect to the subject matter of this agreement.

Here is the colored representation of the various SC state tag games boundaries.

Here is the current arrangement of the tag games.

Green is the Upstate territory

Yellow is the Midlands territory

Orange is the overlap between the Upstate and the Midlands

Turquoise is the Lowcountry territory

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