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Originally Posted by wantmontana
I think before judging what happened, you should walk in our shoes. I am not going to quarterback what went on here, but until you have done the job I think you should not be so quick to judge. Name another job other than the military where you can be killed just because of the job you do. Look at the 4 officers in Lakewood, WA. Having wrestled with a bad guy whose clear intention was to take my gun and kill me just because I was doing my job, I can say that I have had fear the likes of which most will never know. Had it not been for a good samaritan I would probably have been shot. Did I mention the guy was a biker?? That being said I too bike and can thankfully say I have not had to shoot anyone but it is a very dangerous job. People hide their hands, don't follow orders. And cops make mistakes. It happens. Just remember, here in the states we are the line between your safety and anarchy! Just sayin.
Likewise, try the other side of the coin. Before telling us to step off, try wheeling a year in our chairs. I can just about guarantee you don't know the half of what's involved with paralysis. The lowest possible injury still leaves a person stuck needing catheters, KY, and gloves to relieve themselves for the rest of their life...and that's just a tiny fraction of the daily permanent adjustments that people take for granted. Pretty much starting life from scratch...a good percentage never manage to learn to cope. Just remember, everything has consequences. This guy did NOTHING to deserve having to start living his life struggling just to get to square one again.

Just sayin'.
Yeah, it's a sore point, 'cept for where I can't feel anything.

Just sayin'.
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