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That Cop was a frightened baby...and he only shot the guy cause he had the audacity to show a little horsepower on their takeoff...only reason..

fucking hang him...11 years aint enough and it won't do anything to give that guy his legs back..

Didn't you see his right hand in the video..resting on his right leg like we all would do if stopped and idle..if his hand went the opposite direction of his body it might be a different story..but to hear that lawyer saying "he turned his arm when he turned to the right..right??" is a else does a human body work..when you turn your upper torso..your shoulders and arms go with it..

Makes me sick..shouldn't there be a test to eliminate these pussies from the police force?? Didn't anyone give them an education on outlaw biker's?? How often does a poser, Harley guy in a T-shirt fire on an officer???'s not like these guys were running colors...

Makes me wanna run from the police...not stop..
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