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Originally Posted by spenserj87
I've been trying to figure out the best way of paring the Sena with my Zumo 550 and my Blackberry 8900. I want the above setup where I can use the Zumo for calls, but I'd rather be able to listen to music using A2DP from the blackberry. If I set up the bb for A2DP music, I can't listen to the Zumo voice directions or use the Zumo for calls. If I setup through the Zumo, I can't listen to music from the bb.

It would also be nice to have full voice control of the BB, but see caller ID on the Zumo - I'm assuming I can't have both.
So - the Sena has *one* headset profile - meaning you can pair to *one* device at a time, as a headset. If you connect as a headset to the Zumo, you can't pair to the BlackBerry as a headset at the same time. This is a limitation of Bluetooth technology - all BT technology, today, and not just with the Sena.

If you were to pair your phone to the Zumo and the headset to the Zumo, the Zumo acts a a 'gateway' between the phone and headset - relaying voice for phone calls. But - as you know the Zumo 550 does not play stereo music.

Honestly, this is where wired systems like Autocom and Starcom1 have their advantages over Bluetooth. Connect it all - play in stereo, 2-way radio, etc. Bluetooth headsets like the Sena are really terrific, but the technology does have some limitations.
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