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Originally Posted by JDLuke
It sounds like there's a niche in the market for a switching bluetooth hub, something that could integrate signals from multiple devices and pair to the headset as a single unit.
I've been informed by Sang-Jin at the Paris Sena HQ that they are working on one, though not for the immediate future. I've had many emails with him, outlining the need for a Bluetooth Audio Gateway, and he is aware of the gap in the market. Requested some sort of in-use chargeable hub with the ability to do exactly what JDLuke has suggested. Sang-Jin is thoroughly on-board, but for now they are concentrating on making sure the SMH10 gets out there to customers and that they are happy.

In the meantime, as a cheap stop gap, I am using a Sony TMRBT10 (4.99 on eBay), which holds its charge pretty well, and outputs Zumo550 stereo music to headset. Sony is not a touring option, as its charger is woeful and needs a mains plug to charge. But it'll do for the meantime. WiRevo D1000 from Benchmark Helmets will do the same thing, and has USB charging, but is considerably more expensive, though better audio quality (I have read).

Hope this helps.
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