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Cmayer31, one of the best features of this web site it the IGNORE button. OTG is one of two Inmates that I use it on. VERY bitter person who has NOTHING better to do that chime in on EVERY XRR tread to spread his poison...Whatever the BIG RED PIG did to him, it must of HURT.

Now where were we...

Originally Posted by Cmayer31
What serious flaws?

Kick start? Hundreds of thousands of people learned how to kick start bikes and rode them for decades before a magic start. Lack of E-start is not really a flaw, just a luxury that is indeed missing. I'm sorry you couldn't start the BRP, maybe the bike was out of whack, or you just had issues with it.

Weight? Sure it's heavy, but it's lighter than many other bikes as well.

Funny thing about brand loyalty...I have none.

The following are currently in my garage:

2007 Yamaha FZ6 - I love it

2001 KTM 400 EXC bored to 450 - CA plated. Great bike, not a fan of the maintenance schedule, but the bike is a blast and has the magic button.

2000 Honda XRR - CA plated. Great bike, ridden hard, put away dirty. Starts every time

1999 Yamaha WR400R - CA plated. Talk about a riot, light weight set up like a MX bike, and always puts a smile on my face.

I'm not brand loyal and I'm very open minded with bikes. Re-read my post in this thread, I stated quite simply that the XRR will not have a replacement and other brands stepped up to the plate to make better bikes.
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