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Originally Posted by Maxacceleration
Funny you say that thistle. My EFI Scrambler keeps a nice golden color on my Arrow pipes.

My guess is different jetting makes for different exhaust temps.
Lean = hot (more color on the pipes?). How do your plugs read?
I haven't looked at plugs but I was using an air/fuel gauge to tune the bike after removing the airbox and fiting the Arrow pipe, so I know the jetting is very close to what it should be for close to 13 A/F ratio (the A/F setup crapped out on me; still gotta try to get that up and running again if possible). I have 145/40 jets in there, which is about standard for ARK and open pipe. It's a hot setup so mebbe that's part of it.

I wish Grizzly bear hadn't ceramic coated his headers so I'd have something to compare to with airbox gone and Arrow headers.
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