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I didn't go down the alley. Can you ride down it? The tag wasn't on streetview but I had found it via satellite a few days earlier. I drove down church from broad and took a left on Queen St. (off by 1/2 a block) didn't see it so I figured I was wrong but knew from the architecture that it was down there. Drove around sweating for twenty,probably with a fever, been sick the last week or so, before starting further down Queen.
I thought I had been down about every street down there over the years. I think I found a new one in that twenty minutes of random searching before pulling out the trusty old iPhone.
Too sick and dehydrated for any more exploring

OutbackDave...What happened, I hope I didn't scare you off? That photo just didn't look like any state park that I have ever been to. You should know that you'll fit right in with Twistydave a part time local
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