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Originally Posted by Stevequest2000
Does anyone else have a problem with the sound level of the music through the Sena being too low and then the when the phone rings or calls are answered, the audio levels blow your ears? This happens to mine when I try to play music through the 3.5mm jack and through the bluetooth on my phone. I have to keep the Sena turned to max and my music devices cranked up to near max to be able to "decently" hear music.

I was going to buy a bluetooth dongle for my Nuvi since the Sena won't recognize my Garmin's bluetooth profile, but didn't want to invest anymore money if it was going to still be the horrible audio level. Anyone else use a dongle to pipe in music with good results?
I use a dongle on my iPhone for music. The only way I can get it to work with zumo 550, and yes. Volume is much lower. I wear earplugs, so it doesn't blow my ears out. Put it this way; on the freeway, I can have the volume about 3/4 and have great volume for phone calls, voice prompts even really bad mono music from the Zumo. Music from iPhone/dongle and it's turned up all the way and can barely hear. Same is true if iPhone is paired directly to sena. If using the cable, it's a little better, but still not as high as phone, nav etc.
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