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Originally Posted by Duster929
I haven't taken the plunge yet, but these are the two issues I'm worried about as well. Fitting the speakers in, and clamping the thing to the helmet.

Maybe people could post what kinds of helmets they're using? I'd like to fit this on a Shark RSR2 helmet, as well as my wife's Shark S800.

How big is the clamp? Does someone have a maximum helmet thickness it will work with?

--- D

I've been following this for a while and decided to join the forum. I just ordered a dual set from I got it two days later and its been great.

As far as the headphones are concerned, I've been using them under the padding in my helmet. The quality is is still great like that and I don't have to worry about them shifting when I put in on. I'm using a KBC VR-2R helmet. My friend who uses the other one does the same with his helmet. I'm not sure what brand.
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