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Originally Posted by RocketMoto
So - the Sena has *one* headset profile - meaning you can pair to *one* device at a time, as a headset. If you connect as a headset to the Zumo, you can't pair to the BlackBerry as a headset at the same time. This is a limitation of Bluetooth technology - all BT technology, today, and not just with the Sena.

If you were to pair your phone to the Zumo and the headset to the Zumo, the Zumo acts a a 'gateway' between the phone and headset - relaying voice for phone calls. But - as you know the Zumo 550 does not play stereo music.

Honestly, this is where wired systems like Autocom and Starcom1 have their advantages over Bluetooth. Connect it all - play in stereo, 2-way radio, etc. Bluetooth headsets like the Sena are really terrific, but the technology does have some limitations.
Wait a sec, I thought this was covered, either in this thread, or the other big Sena thread. Can't you pair the BB's two different profiles to different devices? For example, can't you pair the headset profile to the Zumo, and the AVCP (or whatever the acronym is) for music to the Sena?

Or am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work. I actually use the exact same equipment as the poster above (Zumo and BB8900), so I'm curious to see if this can be made to work.

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