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Originally Posted by ivara
Try running your car lights thru the dashboard switch instead of the relay...
and that's got what to do with it?

The bike wiring is designed and specified to carry the necessary current (and more) without overheating, as are the contacts. Now, lets be generous and offer you a 1volt increase by replacing all the headlight wiring with heavier gauge cable plus the extra relay. That would equate to around 8% increase in voltage which, ignoring the losses induced by extra heat generation rather than light output, being wildly optimistic might give you 8% more light output from the already pathetic 55w yellow bulb. You think you'll notice that? You think that will be a 'night and day' improvement? I don't think so.

With far less effort you can replace the bulb with a PIAA and get effectively double the output.

The claims are not backed up by any facts or any real data. In fact, bullshit.
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