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Originally Posted by Skelt
How long can I expect the cooling to last here in Arizona? Is this a case of wet it in the morning and ride all day without having to remove and rewet?

The cooling will last as long as there is moisture in the fabric and air through the vents. If you are in the dry heat of Arizona you may have to periodically wet the liner. That takes a few seconds only at the gas/rest stop. If you wring out a lot of the water it will dry faster. The more water you leave in the longer it will last. Also the amount of air your vents will flow makes a difference. I have run with no water in the liner and then rode a little too hot into a corner in the twisties. I broke a sweat thinking I was going to scrape my pegs but came out with no problem. Then I smiled when I felt the instant cooling from the liner. A memory that will keep me smiling for some time.
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