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Originally Posted by RobStar
1. Safety - On the few spills I had on my F800 the lower front corner of the Jesses always took the hit

2. Support - The geometry of the Jesse's make them extremely sturdy but the metal itself is thin.

Ultimately I never did a mounting solution and simply went with two 33oz MSR fuel bottles for $15 each.
I need the extra gas for my Alaska trip in two weeks... while I can get 50mpg I always seem to end up running into the wind and the mpg drops like a stone when this happens -- especially with the luggage on. I will have two 33oz fuel bottles along as well although I intend to mostly use those for the stove filling them both only for the dempster/dalton runs.

For more regular adventures I will probably just strap a single pax to the rear plate or pillion.

I have the extra re-enforcement plates from rotopax for the inside... while I am not terribly worried about the strength/thickness of the case I like the extra insurance. The mounts are very solid. The left case with the cut out is going to require some angle aluminum to mount the inside edge securely (you can see the overhang in the photo above). I could center the pax on the bottom of the case but I am trying to keep them away from the outer edges to minimize the chance of damage.

The only other reasonable place to mount them would be on top of the panniers but this puts about 1/3 of the weight of the gear in each case way up high. The holes are drilled so I guess I will see how it goes since I am committed now. I am bringing a few extra bolts to plug the holes if I hate the setup and want to strap them on instead half way through the trip.

With all the mods and things that are coming together now perhaps I should start thinking about firing up a ride report and live logging the trip...
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