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Took the Sena Plunge...My Short Review

Ordered from mrhit for 159.00 and it arrived in 2 days so cannot argue with that.
Have it paired to Garmin 665 and then to old Razr phone paired to Zumo...I think?
Anyway,it does do a great job of streaming A2DP via XM. I mean a real good job and the Garmin works well in that arena. The helmet speakers are not as good as the Torx Pro helmet speakers but I will give them an OK rating up to 70 mph. My V-Strom is noisy. The phone is kind of a hit and miss. If I am standing still it is clear as a bell and at 35mph it is ok. Past 40mph and it goes down hill. Has anyone else experienced this? Never used a Bluetooth on anything so am I asking too much to be able to carry on a cell conversation @65mph? Will keep experimenting with different mike positions and other mods too help. Maybe. Oh,BTW the 665 is awesome but it is an unstable POS...but I do love it. Gives me something to %$# with on those long rides.
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