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Originally Posted by silly torque
What is that!!?? A hill!?? That looks very non-NL! I'll have to go for a ride and check that out! mind you it's proberly a tourist attraction with bus loads of dutch tourists taking photos.............
Actually, it's very hilly (is that even an proper word?) there. The geological area around Nijmegen is a "stuwwal" (Earth cache? A ridge formed by glaciers in the ice age.)

Here are some GPS coordinates you REALLY should give a go:


Some of the steepest roads I know here (up to 13%). You can do them all in under an hour. Or if you wait until I have a new bike (currently in the market as my ride is shot) I'd gladly ride with you and show you the area.

Nijmegen, and especially to it's east and south east is stunning and very hilly. By Dutch standards at least.

While looking for pictures I actually came across this (Dutch, sorry) site: With a description on almost all the steep inclines here, in categories. It's a bicycle site but don't let that stop you.
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