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Canada, OH, Canada...

Left Ellsworth, Maine-USA at 0900 hrs under cloudy, drizzly, and cold skies. Diverted from Rt 1A and 1 onto 179 toward rt 9 that would lead to Calais, Me where we plan to cross over to Canada. Cold, cold ride...

Isolated Rt 179..

Mechanical Moose kept us rolling behind him forever until he moved over...We do not pass on double yellow or white stripes...pronto!

Elmer: " Hmmnn...rig is 60" wide n' 4' tall if I tuck..hhmm...maybe we surprise the guy by riding under it?".. " You think we could ride thru underneath that?" Sharon: "Wot..don't you dare.. NO WAY!!"

Long stretches into the cold...

View of Calais, Me from the sidecar.. (Sharon editing here: Elmer's got it wrong...this is view of Saint Andrew just inside Canadian border)

The Borders of USA/ verboten, but we managed to steal some from a distance..Hope I don't have the FBI knock on my door in NC after seeing this

It's Kilometer time..

Part of the Bay of Fundy inlets..

Here we got bilingualism without much ado...Arizona won't be far away from it or will it??

Rolling toward Saint John, NB....a major commercial and industrial seaport the city grew rich quickly from immigration of the Irish Potato famine sufferers who established a thriving settlement. Before that Acadians, Loyalists and the Irish set foot on it first.

Rest stop before hitting St. John, with a not too good a view of one of the Bay of Fundy's Inlets..

This is the reversing falls on the St. John river. At high tide, waves and rapids as big as houses roar through the gorge. With a current of 25-30 knots this is something to be given tremendous respect. It is absolutely fabulous to watch center stage in a three-act drama-high, slack and low tide-a performance akin to Lucianno Pavarotti on stage during tenorization of Othello!

These pictures do no justice .....

St. Johns Flowers to complement the watery operatic performance

Making reservations at the terminal for the crossing tomorrow to Digby, Nova Scotia on the Good ship M/V Acadia. 2 passengers+motorcycle+sidear+>> $110 Canadan Dollars! Three hour crossing of the Bay of Fundy. Departure 1200hrs..

By the way we're ahead on NFLD time= 1 hour ahead of you guys down east!

"She who is to be obeyed" didn't want to mess up her American Hair in front of the reservationist....vanity

The Sights of Saint John Center...

Hackers'll lose your head trying to run under the belly of the beast!

A bit of history will do you good

Got our fill of Lobster and settled for ....


This is how one makes a REAL Caesars salad. No corporate dressing; no tube pastes; no false anchovies. Handmade with a feminine touch as well.

Soothed down with Fish Chowder of all species that swim hereabouts!

We don't have Bathrooms here..???...who takes a bath while's washrooms, much more appropriate and a bit more private than peeing in the showers

OK.. so what's the talk of Town..News, Politics..Sex, Gossip..reality shown..

They're gone ga-ga over Hockey, Soccer and Alewives..

No Obamadrama, no Prime minister................... but ALEWIVES...

Uh, resident go bonkers over the thousands of Alewives that reached the Miltown fishway. A total of 53,007 alewives returned from the ocean to spawn in their home waters. The fish ran at 8,300 coming up in 6 hours...Alewives have revived the towns hopes in improved fisheries. Cool, while we down in the US worry about Sarah Palin and her Mama grizzlies....eecchhh!

Bonne nuit mes amis....

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