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Hi Pawn Star

Not making it, cos have a 4 day trip that will culminate in Die Hel. 6 Bikes, 9 Riders so far... meeting more there. At the moment, all Daks and Adventures, but prolly will meet up with some ATwins et al there. From my side, I am trying my damndest to spoil the BM party (I ride a Dak) with a Katoom 950.

I am glad I found your post. I am looking to start a thread where all SA Adventurers can come up with a list to contact each other for rides. Know of something already going?

I like exploring, ride technical stuff that supposedly the Daks arent made for , my fave hunting ground is in the Grabouw/Steenbras Dam area in the mooontans. Obviously, I live in the Cape.

So, I am looking for more riding partners, as I start to lose some... due people not wanting to stretch limits Having said that, I am no Jan Du Toit..
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