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Originally Posted by Katoom119
If the speedo plug will plug into the wiring harness then I would assume that you have the right speedo plug.

Probably the first thing I would try is to send the plug back to where ever you got it and have them send you a new one. Hey, you might just have a faulty cable.

To someone with more electrical knowledge than I: is there a way you could hook an ohm-meter to it to test if the cable actually worked?
I would be interested in testing the sensor, but I fear it's something else. 2 separate people (Johnf3 and myself) in 2 different states working on 2009 990 having the same issue, makes me believe it's not the sensor. But if someone posts how to check a speed sensor I will verify that part works.

I kinda put it on hold for the moment. I decided to put in a switch to kill the rear speed sensor for off-road days. Still doesn't fix the room issue, but I got tired of messing with it for now. It's been apart in my garage for 2 days.

I cut 1 side of the sensor wire from the rear.

Put some terminals on the wires.

And installed a switch on the ABS cover panel.

It's a solution that will work, till I learn some more about the ABS system. Need to figure away around having the control box, that does not include me buying a $556 instrument cluster.
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