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The stock '08 seat sucks, it forces you forward. Whats on the new bikes seems like the DP comfort seat I replaced my stocker with. Its an all day rider with this seat. The only time the bike gets uncomfortable is in longer 80+ MPH slab runs, because your sitting almost straight up. IMO it sucks for 2 up unless you are both small, I took the rear peg brackets off.

The handguard/mirror setup is for style. Its fragile, expensive, and the mirrors constantly loosen and loose adjustment. I replaced mine with the DP guards (black Acerbis Rally Pros), CRG lane splitter mirrors, bar end sliders, and mini LED blinkers mounted to the forks with rubber enduro headlight straps. Much more functional and durable. I also added a pair of VisionX lights to the handguard mounts which are awesome for both daytime visability and night riding.

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