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mcteague, thanks for the compliment. The seat I have is the "performance" seat which is actually firmer than the stock seat. It does get uncomfortable after a few hours, but Ducati offers a "comfort" seat that I have read good reviews on. I also still have the stock seat, so I might see about just having that one custom modified. So far, a few hour ride is about all I do, so it hasn't been a high priority.

Otherwise, the ergos are right on for me. The windblast does get old at extended highway speeds, but not untolerable for me. If that is an issue, there are windscreens made for it.

As far as reliability, these air cooled Ducati motors are right up there with any Japanese motors if you maintain them. And, the maintenance isn't really bad any more. 3000 mile oil changes which are real easy to DIY. If you don't want to tackle the valve adjustment, it's only every 7500 miles, so that's not even a big issue unless you put a lot of mileage on a bike.

Mine is a weekend toy/once in a while commuter, so it doesn't get big miles put on it. Even if I could ride it every day to work (which would be fun), I wouldn't. Just because I couldn't stand to see it sit in the heat of our Texas summers (no covered parking at my work).

As far as being a sensible only bike, I think it would be the most sensible out of my three. I love my Guzzi, but it's not a very good in town bike to me. It's a lot easier to tolerate the Ducati on the highway than the Guzzi in the city IMHO. And, the supermoto, while very fun, is pretty tiring on highway rides.

I say follow your and get the Ducati. At least try to get a test ride on one to help you decide. One test ride is all it took for me...
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