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St. Anthony....ICEBERGS...L'Anse aux Medows..

Hi you all down south of us...being warm, hot, drinking ice teas, putting steaks on the Barbie, etc. while we have very inclement weather here with temps in the high 30's, winds a howlin', yet we strive to see places.

We wanted to touch an ICEBERG but the weather Gods unleashed such relentless fury outside the cove that all boat tours were cancelled for ours and their safety .

However, we prevailed ....BUT first the usual of how we got there and our daily walkabouts.

Here's our daily fixer-upper...ain't no Starbucks but up here when its COLD
who cares..

Long way up to St. Anthony..left yesterday moring from Stephensville, NL

ski resort for those who wanna have fun in winter when there is nothing else to do... snowmobile and ice fishing is another way to pass time during the cold cold winter months..

threatening clouds loom over ahead

winds picking up

we're riding along the viking trail

how true..

only 413 km....sigh..

egad....the darkening clouds up ahead

riding along Gros Morne..truly a beautiful place but no time to stop (maybe on the way down)

view from the sidecar

winds blowing from the Strait of Belle Isle keep trees & brushes bare..

this is what keeps the poles from being blown over..

firewood available for the locals and they pay $$ to the gov't for the taking..

plenty of them everywhere...

our first moose sighting....2 females and one ran away at the sight of our motorized creation...this lady was curious and didn't move a muscle

what a ride....what a day!!

this was converted to a dinner Iceberg Alley

no icebergs in sight (was told a big one hung around for a few weeks and just broke up and moved away yesterday....just our luck)

Portugese Codfish Cakes...they were excellent!!

Pan fried cod...good too!! both are local delicacy!

while we mulled over the fact there were no icebergs to be seen...a tour guide came up to us and told us to go to Goose Cove where she sighted few icebergs earlier today. We paid for our dinner and headed out...luck came to us and we saw.....

ICEBERG..... (Sharon left her zoom SLR camera this was the best shot with my pee wee Panasonic 10x Lumix camera)

beautiful village of Goose Cove

notice the sleds....not wheels

Woke up to rain today and the tour boat to view Icebergs up close was cancelled due to weather....we rode up to view a Viking village at L'Anse aux Meadows (30 km away which is a long ride in the downpour).

Imagine 1,000 years ago setting foot upon the New World. The Vikings crossed the Atlantic Ocean to discover Newfoundland and Labrador but didn't stay long...probably a generation. Their habitation at a place is known today as L'Anse aux Meadows and this place is regarded widely as the first European settlement in North America.

from these peat bogs the houses were built..

roofs are genuine earth...walls are peat bogs. they were called sod house..

we were amazed when we stepped inside from 6C degree weather to about 20C indoors. this is how well insulated those viking homes were (the walls were about 12" thick)

the master bedroom..

charcoal making hut..

see 3 icebergs...

more bergie you see 2 of them?? look closer!!

then the rain gods opened the sky....and our cameras didn't like getting wet we hightailed outta there...after enduring all the rain & wind storm, we sat down and enjoyed a local delicacy...cod tongues!!

and a typical plate of salmon & "home fries"..

our faithful steed...

In spite of the predicted 50 - 70 km/h winds & rain...we will try to head south.

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