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Twas ever thus!
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Nordic Noodling

Icebergs!...Vikings!....Cod tongues!....what a cool thing. The vikings looked pretty well settled in those fine long houses....they looked quite cozy and warm....
It looks like weather is a big factor up that way, and surprised at how cool it was for you guys...brrrrr....
Interesting array of tools as well, they were pretty well stocked with tools and such and what would have been in those delightful coopered kegs?
The charcoal thing was interesting as well, never would have thought they had that technology but it makes sense although it would seem peat would have been the fuel of choice. On second thought maybe the charcoal was used to forge metal.
Wonderful pictures of the trip as usual, boy, that was a long 400 mile haul to the tip of the island.
Looking forward to more....
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