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rack time

So I went to the local metal shop.
Picked up some 5052 aluminum

bit of card board for template

I am going to make a rack for when I don't want the top box mounted.
I got a sweet 1450 in the FM so that went on the GS and the smaller box is going on the beastie.

Time to cut, dremel scroll saw and some fork oil
only had a 15 tooth blade, but it cut the softer 5052 without much trouble.

first cut so it has space around the back bar.

bit more cutting

Now some tie down spots, drilled then cut out with the scroll saw again.

Ran the sander over the plate and filed a few sharp corners. Washed with water then wiped clean with some paint thinner to get ride of any grease before painting.
Now some primer, self-etching did a great job on the last rack I made and it had just enough left in the can.

2 coat on the top and 1 underneath. Styling paint booth huh

It dries pretty quick so first couple of coats of the finish.

Picked these stainless steel cushion clamps, they worked great on the GS so they will be more than ample for the zuma

This should hold it steady

oh while it was drying I mounted the other box on the GS

going to have some fun wiring this up with some electrics

then some reflective tape for visibility.

OK, back to the zuma
Still needs to dry over night before drilling the mount holes, I wanted to take advantage of the sun so I painted first.

looks pretty good if I say so myself

will mount the smaller pelican on top

more to come.....
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