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Originally Posted by cat
man, it's immaculate!

It amazes me ! All these immaculate old bikes in the states that have hardly been ridden.

hey, you got a lot of bikes on the shelf there. A lot. Some closer photos of them would be good. Better than the dogs you post in tb.
pretty close to it
I've found a couple of things ... but I would find em

18K miles

new sprocket yesterday

the thing has a wild powerband
ride it up to 5K rpm, it's nice and smooth, plenty of power

got 8-10 hardleys on a twisty road in front of you poking along at 30 mph?
and won't let you by?
and flip you off (not in an ADVRider way, but asshole-ish)

downshift to 3rd in the corner
smoothly accelerate to the straight
nail it
when it hits 6500 rpm ....

let's just say things happen fast
very fast

redline at 10K rpm
good for about 85 mph in 3rd

for a twisty road
that'll get about 10 harleys and hit the brakes for the next turn

that's his garage before we loaded her on the trailer
he has a shitpot full of those models

not an XT in the bunch though
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