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Originally Posted by Micatech
We're putting them through the ringer now. Waterproofness is a key attribute that must be accomplished. Initial testing is looking good. Are there any specific photos you're interested in?

The pricing is yet to be determined. How much do you think the Roof Rack should cost? Yes, we really do want to know what you think. There’s no wrong answer—just say what’s on your mind and we’ll see what everyone has to say. Feel free to provide a specific number, a range, or any general input on price and value.
As far as pics, how they mount, how they install etc. Personally having the bags remain watertight is whats important. I have had my set for years and they have never leaked a drop, and I would like to keep it that way. For price it think between 50-100 would be great but I have no Idea what it costs to develop/market them.
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