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The issue that I was discussing with Omarin was that Garmin made some software changes earlier this year to improve security that caused his Mexico map and the Mexico map produced by BiCiMapas to lock (e.g. you could no longer view the maps on your computer or reload them to your Garmin GPS).

The only way to view/upload the maps was delete Map Install v.2.15 and use Garmin MapInstall for Mac v.2.11 or earlier. If using a PC, you had to use a Map Source that was earlier than version 6.15.9 (i.e., v.6.15.7). In addition, the update of Garminīs United States and Europe map, would lock your maps on your computer.

Base Camp for Macintosh was affected similiarly. If you updated from Base Camp 2.1.1 (Mac) to Base Camp 3.0.1 (Mac) your map would become unviewable.

So, do you have the latest versions of Map Source for PC or Map Install and Basecamp for Macintosh? Are you using the latest version of Cartograficas E32 2010? Is everything working OK?

I want to buy the latest Cartograficas E32 map for Macintosh. I do, however, want to ensure that it will work in every way with the latest versions of Garmin Map Install, Base Camp and Road Trip for Macintosh. Do diligence, do diligence, do diligence.
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