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Originally Posted by bluesman
And I used similar to RickyCross mount system - I cut of flat long pieces off upper bar, made simple mounts on them and made from scratch a cross-piece they bolt to, and that cross-piece mounts similarly to Ricky cross. It has piece of 5 mm steel plate welded to it, 2 holes drilled in it and large clamp (one they sell for satellite TV dishes mounts in Brico/Gamma) goes from inside bike, through those 2 holes in plate and just fixed with nut. I also slid piece of plastic tube onto clamp, so that it does not rub paint of frame off.
Ah, the secret unveiled: Bluesman uses trained sheep for quality control! Thanks for the tips.

Yesterday: left the *** parking light on for three hours - battery dead. Try bump starting an 800cc single All I did was create tire marks, even in fourth gear. Found a friendly cager with starter cables, blew one of the fuses (I think starter/ignition circuit), replaced it with headlight fuse, stalled the engine, again the cables, turned up the idle, took the long way home to get some charge in. This morning it started, but I'm replacing the battery anyway.
Also had to adjust the head stock bearings. According to the previous owner it's as good as new...but I guess he didn't re-adjust them properly after installing.

Did you guys ever manage to bump start the BIG? Maybe with the manual deco?
1996 Suzuki DR650SE
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