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Originally Posted by Dahveed
I think Pilot's right, that isn't bike #10. The 2001 or 2002 look more like your bike than the 1999 does. Gratz on the sweet score!
this is a XS, 15"

the parts that are still on it match the 1999. even has Z chain. has a sunrace 13-28 7-speed freewheel. shimano branded cheep triple-crank. etc.

its been fun riding around my driveway as a fixie, in a 38-18 kinda gear (not sure what rear I shortened the chain to, but one bigger needed a half link, so I put it in 4 out of 7). even kinda like the bars after playing with them and two different stems I had kicking around, but I think I want a lower more forward stem with a straighter bar. I even flipped the bars over to be track style, hahahaha, since there's only one brake lever on them right now, was easy. slapped some oury fat soft grips on there.

the michelin 'city' 700x40's I got ride sweet. I need to fix a spoke and true the back wheel. :-/

its got fender and rack inserts on the back, and fender mounts on the front.

bunch of Taiwan parts on it, the bearings feel decent quality, but the back axle needs tightening a hair. threaded headset looks pretty heavy duty, too.

the rims say 28x1-5/8", and some odd taiwan brand. the sunrace 7-speed freewheel is heavy :(

btw, I do believe I'm swearing off gumwalls. the tires that were on this bike had plenty of tread, but the gumwalls were totally rotted out and sidewalls were frayed and splitting in places.
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