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Originally Posted by pierce
talked to my neighbor the boilermaker/welder. says he thinks it should do just fine, but he's busy til Sunday... So I stripped off an inch of paint on all sides of the split, which actually goes halfway around the tube. When I pulled the seat post out, I realized, oh crap, its NOT as long as I thought, there was probably just about 5" in the tube, and the crack is just about where it ended... It *used* to go 8" in, but I jacked the seat up another 3" to get better leg extension for my recent round of rides leading up to yesterdays 25ish miler... I'm pretty sure I know how it bent too, I hit a rather serious bump I didn't see and landed kinda hard on the seat. the aluminum post is bent a bit too.

dayum, I need to lose weight.

hey, anyone know anything about Jamis bikes? someone is selling a frame+fork for a Jamis 'commuter'... something like this,

looks to have a seatpost, quill, and crankset in his pic, too.

I'm sorta wondering if I could get away with 26x1.9 wheels in a frame meant nominally for 700x38. that or I'll have to score a set of 700c wheels, ideally 36 spoke, at least in back.
IF you have disc brakes, the wheel size is irrelevent. If you have rim brakes, yer stuck with whatcha got.

The exception is 27" to 700c. You can get a an adaptor for that.

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