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Rural moped rides

We live in a rural area of northern NY state. On 3 different Sundays recently we have taken rides to nearby small towns making an approximately 50 mile round trip. My brother and his wife ride 1980 and '82 Honda Passport 70's and I am riding a 1977 Batavus Bronco moped. They are able to go around 45mph but of course the Batavus is a true moped class vehicle capable of only 28mph so they must allow me to keep up with them. The rides consist of very rural paved roads but also include miles of dirt roads. I realize these rides are not monumental in any way but it is just fun and i had to tell someone about it. I never thought a 48cc dual sport moped would be fun but it truly is interesting and incredibly relaxing. The destination of the ride is usually some place to buy ice cream or coffee so twice it has been a Stewart's quickstop store with different routes to get there and back. The town is about a 20 mile ride on the state highway. We clocked 29 miles to get there on our roundabout very rural ride that took us over 10 miles of one lane fire road. Pretty cheap entertainment--3 hours or so of enjoyment for the price of a coffee and a half gallon of gas.
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