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Wicked Thank You!!!

Originally Posted by Guy Young
I've sent him the pix, so all he has to do is stick'em up.

I was not aware of this game as I have kind of divorced myself from TOR games due to too many other irons in the fire. Must say that MOB was very secretive when he headed out Saturday, so knew something was up.

I got back into town a little after 5:00 with the temps sitting at 103 on the carport thermometer. Hot as Hades.

Just have to wait now for MOB to do his thing.
I'm trying to get all the shots together now, I have to say this single tag was one of the most fun ones I have done, both for the company I had during the drop, and for the simplicity and oddity of it's "plant"...
pics will be up shortly...

Originally Posted by 02TAC
That was my thinking. While Mr. Nut may pass through many states (we hope), only the states he is dropped in count toward hitting as many states as possible. The exception being DE which was his starting point.
I agree holeheartedly, and as we are in the infancy, and only 3 players have "gotten Nutty", I thing defining this as "where the Nut gets planted" is the money shot....but this Nut is gonna be a poser, as it is currently travelling back and forth over the border of 2 states,continually, every 15 minutes during the day, untill he gets grabbed....and as he got planted exactly on the border, (you'll see in the picture) when we last left Mr Nut, he was in home, so I'll call it a Va. Tag drop....

hang tight, photos coming up

edited to call it a Va. tag drop for the map.....

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