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Originally Posted by bananaman
I don't wave. I only salute when I actually know the rider. Saluting is a sign of respect, and why the fuck should I respect someone I don't even know? What if I salute someone on a GS with an ADV and FYYFF sticker, and, in real life, they also own a harley? Or wear a suit when they work?

I don't wave, I rarely salute, and, except for rare occasions, I ride solo. But that's just me. The rest of you FFs can do whatever you want.

But I do get saluted regulary- usually by cagers pissed because I'm riding like a hooligan. I don't salute back. If they're lucky, I look them in the eye, smile, and pull a wheelie.
Waving is just part of being civil -- something distinctly lacking in our flagging society.

The "salute" should be amongst friends in a familiar setting: an ADV event for example. In general public, the "salute" is an uncontrolled hostility. Perhaps not from your pov, but from nearly any other perspective that might see it, children, etc.

The sticker is just a way to say hello to a fellow ADV person, and to promote the site.

BTW, if you're riding "like a hooligan" (translation: jackass), then don't be surprised when laws are passed against motorcycling in general. If you don't regulate yourself, others will do it for you.
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