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Crow, if you can make rear fuels cells, i'll buy it!!! The oldgoat already has a pretty huge tank for a thumper & it is quite light on fuel, so additional fuel cell will be great, considering that i get about 500Km per tank & i do short distances as Adamska is more of a working point A 2 B bike most of the time & i have not yet really had any long road fuel economy experiences. My buddy, reset1 did a mid distance trip the other day, several hundered kilos, but not stopping. He got almost 27ks to the litre, which is very impresive to me, especially seeing that he uphelp a average speed of about 115km/h. so looking at that more fuel cells will take yopu FAAARRR!!! 1000km per tank potential!!! Imagine!

I am very sure that the goat will handle the extra weight without any hickups, even on some gnarly propper off-road trails. of course, the rider will have to know how to handle his pair of balls, if you know what i mean, but with the set up & suspension, i don't think there will be anything to worry about!

Something else to keep in mind is that if you have a bike with that amount of fuel like 50l on board, you will need luggage storage space if you are going that far, cuz, not using the potential travel distance without panniers will be kinda stupid, so ther panniers will have to fit without the tanks causing some friction. Of course if you are a lazy shit like me, you can now ride a year & not worry about fuel. NICE!

The other big plus point for myself to have such an ivestment, is that they keep the bike rather stable if they are kept full, as i tend to get smacked around alot by the wind, when i have the two panniers hooked up & the top box ( permanently mounted ), the wind & Adamska don't have any beef with one another for the most part.

So in short, after all this jabbering on, if you can manufacture something this practical on something this good, then you will sure be pleasing alotta goat riders.

We all know the 6fotty is the ultimate go absolutely anywhere tool, so now it can become the absolutely go anywhere tool, forever!!!

Kep me posted on your progress, very intersted on what you'll have to offer! Sweet Crow.
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