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I also worked at a Yamaha dealer when the TX750 was introduced, it was Yamaha's flagship, glorious in it's original metallic gold. The one sitting in our showroom came with a large box of engine parts to be installed before being sold.

The omi-phase harmonic balancer had no provision for balancer chain adjustment, a kit was provided with an eccentric shaft and locking system.
After about 3000 miles the weights started wearing the sides of the cases and we tried to remedy this by added 4 small radial bearing.

The main oil gallery was behind the points, oil constantly leaked into the points compartment, we changed the seals several times. Yamaha sent us a new style labyrinth seal, didn't stop the oil, eventually they suggested that we drill a small hole in the case to prevent accumulation fouling the points.

The engine had double cases (cosmetic covers to hide the functional engine cases). An exhaust crossover was part of the cylinder head needlessly the engine ran very hot, the oil temp was at the upper limits of normal motor oil (not sure I think about 270 deg.F). Yamaha added a sump extension. Oil capacity was close to 5 quarts.

There were some strange electrical issues, a contact was imbedded in the rear brake shoes to light a brake wear indicator on the dash. There was talk of this current "bleeding" back into the electrical system and engaging the starter, this could happen at any time/speed. I did see a TX750 with the crankshaft protruding out of the front of the engine.

Sorry, I'm not trying to put the bike down, just an old fart who thought they were pretty cool just brought to market too soon.

I remember holding one WOT going down a grade, the speedo was reading 128mph.


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