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Vamos pa'l Sur: Mexico, Belize & Guatemala

We are at the start of our great adventure. We have been planning for 1 ½ years and we are now going Pa’l Sur…to the south. My friend Paul and I are leaving the 4th of July from Dallas. We will hit San Antonio for some common sense and information. (possibly a breakfast burrito) then later that day, cross into Mexico at the safest crossing we can find.
Paul and I know each other from college. We both were working on our MA degree at Arizona State University (he in linguistics and me in literature) and we played lots of basketball together. Good Times. Through some online college classes I was teaching we re-connected and hatched a plan to head south. He has family in Costa Rica, so the original plan was to get there. For our 21 day trip all those CA crossings seemed a challenge. Our plan is to hit central Mexico, Yucatan, inland Belize, Guatemala and the head home. We will be following some of the same routes that Tricepilot and Raoul Duke have forged. Paul lives in Portland and we had to get his bike here. That was a process. We will trailer the bikes to Dallas where my sister lives and will start the ride there at 4:00 am Sunday morning the 4th.
He and I have great families that support us but think we’re crazy. Many friends feel the same way. We are not phased at all and since we both speak Spanish very well, (we both teach spanish for a living in different capcities) we look forward to the adventure.
We plan to update a little while we travel, wi-fi permittinng. We both have KLR’s so we’re evenly matched. I have so much respect for anyone taking a trip like this because of the planning and prep involved. Amazing!

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