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Flat tire prevention! TyreGuardian Puncture Protection System

What do all riders dread when out on the open road? Yup, getting a flat tire. I hate flat tires, especially getting a flat at speed! It's scary, to the point that I have installed a tire pressure monitor. But I've often wondered why automotive run flat tire technology hasn't been applied to motorcycle tires. So anything I can do to reduce my chance of having a flat is money well spent. I've come across this TyreGuardian puncture protection product and thought I'd try it and bring it to the attention of ADV inmates, as a valuable time saving and safety product. It works in both tubeless and tubed tires and best of all, it doesn't make a slimey mess of your wheels when the tire is removed. I've managed to pull out a nail out of my rear tubed tire and the product worked as intended. No air loss.

This product is easy to install and reasonably priced. TyreGuardian has a web site where you can calculate the amount of product to put in based upon your tire size. I used one bottle to fill both my front and rear tires. Maybe I put too much in there, more is better!

TyreGuardian creates a thin latex glove like lining for the inside of the tire. TyreGuardian protects from air loss from punctures up to ” in diameter for tubeless and 1/8” diameter punctures for tube type tires. It does not matter if the nail, screw or whatever stays in the puncture, TyreGuardian migrates to the puncture and seals it. It is not a one puncture product. TyreGuardian is good for the life of the tire. When I was pouring the product into my valve stem, I spilled a bit and the trick is to let it dry, then you can just peel off it, no mess, no fuss.

I've contacted the US distributor and he's agreed to provide ADV inmates with a discount. Info at the bottom of this post.

One of the nice things about TyreGuardian is it is not nasty or slimey and won’t make you or your mechanic unhappy when it is time for a new tire. You can pull it out of the tire in one piece if you like or leave it in place and it can be recycled with the tire.

Youtube demo:

It’s easy to install, takes 10 minutes or less. Take the weight off of the tire, deflate the tire by removing the valve core. The bottles come with a valve core remover and a short piece of tubing to put over the stem of the bottle and the tire stem. Squeeze in the correct amount, replace the valve core, air it up and take a 5 minute ride. It’s that easy. If you get some on your hands just use soap and water to clean up, or let it dry and peel off.

Youtube demo on a bike:

I've used one 250 ml bottle to do the front and rear, putting 150 ml in the rear and 75 ml in the front. In the pic below, it says you can treat 4 to 8 tires, maybe I put too much in my tires.

The retail price is $29.95 for a 250ml "Cycle" bottle which will treat 4 to 8 tires depending upon the size of the tires. The "calculator" on the site will calculate the amount required for the tire sizes.

I've contacted the US distributor and he's agreed to provide ADV inmates with a 10% discount, and as an introductory offer and for a limited time, Jim, the US distributor will offer ADV inmates an extra 15% for a total of 25% discount to the first 25 inmates to contact him via PM. His username is: Max Bialstock

I'm #1 on this discount list

I will sticky this thread in Vendors for a while to give inmates a chance to learn about this important safety product and I have asked Jim aka Max to respond to inmate questions in this thread.
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