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Thanks for the great thread - lucky timing for me!

On Wednesday, BigWan and I are leaving for a 5-6 week, multi-state (9?) ride and I could really use some ride report inspiration.

I don't have much experience, but here are two humble recommendations for ride reporters:
1) keep a old fashioned pen and paper journal. I couldn't have remembered all the details without my trusty journal. Every night, I wrote down where we were, where we had gone, how many miles we rode, and as many details about the day as I could. I also drew something - usually the floorplan of our motel room (drawings of campsites work, too). I find that drawing helps etch things into my brain. It makes me remember not only what I'm drawing, but also the things around me. Tons of memories and details come flooding back when I see an old drawing. Make little notes about your neighbors, the weather, the view... all those things jog your memory as well. And, remember -the crappier the day, the more fun it is to re-live later!

2) once you start posting your report, use a program like Appleworks or Word to compose the entry, then cut and paste the final version into the "reply to thread" box. There is nothing more frustrating (heartbreaking!) than wasting hours writing a post and then having it lost in the black void.
I didn't figure this one out until I had lost several posts

Thanks, dave6253 - I'm going to try and absorb as much of this thread as I can before we leave. I'm not a natural photographer. It's just not my thing. I'd much rather enjoy the ride and take it all in - without having to look through the lens (especially when we're blasting through the dirt). But, once the ride is over and we're home again, I always wish I had taken more photos. We just dropped the 990 for the first time (snow and mud) and I totally blew my chance for a photo because I wasn't thinking "ride report." damn.

(*edited - too much talky-talky)

P.S. Tricepilot - love this.
Originally Posted by tricepilot
Another thing: in the end, ride reports aren't really for other people. They all fade away. The cool thing is that you can go back and re-read them, and realize how much you've grown. To do a ride report, you have to travel. And in the end, those are the days you remember.
OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
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