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Originally Posted by See-Double-You
Nice catch GB.

I've been using the RideOn sealant for 2 years now. I pulled one brass staple from the rear tire earlier this summer. Don't know if it punctured the tube yet, but plan on replacing the tire in a month or so, so I'll be examining the area closely. Can say that there is no loss of pressure over time.

The TyreGuardian seems to last quite a bit longer (treat more tires for a similar cost). W/ the RideOn, each tire took something like 5 or 6oz, used two of the three 8oz bottles they sent me.

Will MAX be making an appearance here? I'm wondering what makes the TyreGuardian different from RideOn, RhinoTire, or other market names.
Thanks for the question "See-Double-You". Let me tell you what TyreGuardian is not compared to the competition.

It isn't nasty or slimy. Soap and water removes it from your skin if you get some on you. In addition your mechanic (if you use one) won't have a fit when he breaks the tire down for replacement. Some of the competition really creates a "mess". What you see in the pictures Gadget Boy supplied tells the story.

TyreGuardian creates a "thin protective layer inside your tire". Tire balance is not affected and you have added very little unsprung weight.

The product is not flammable nor is it water soluble. TyreGuardians toxicity is very low, making it safe to handle during installation and requires no special equipment for installation. As Gadget Boy said it can be recycled with the tire.

Our product is not expensive. TyreGuardian requires Less product for puncture protection and is good for the life of the tire resulting in a very favorable return on your investment.

Thanks to Gadget Boy for finding our product and contacting me. The product is new to the U.S. although it was developed and has been successful in Australian and New Zealand under a different trade name for the last ten years.
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