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Hey, I see quite some activity in tread :)

Sorry for offtopic - just back from my 8 days trip Switzerland-Austria-Italy mountain passes etc. on VTR1000F. Yes, I know, I know - but there you need power and speed.

Fantastic week, very hard riding, incredible roads.

Actually I found few interesting things.
For example Continental Road attack at the rear did not hold it. Got burned once (Saint Bernardino pass, swiss side), surface ripped on other rides, shavings on surface confirming that tyre not getting warmed up progressively, just kinda cold-overheating-cold-overheating all the time.
Front Sport attack not brilliant either.

We rode majority of passes in Austria, lots in Switzerland and quite a piece of Dolomites in Italy. Not huge mileage but extremely challenging roads and we went really too fast sometimes.
Basically we had russian/ukrainian origin riders group of about 6-7 people from Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and Belgium. And one great German guy on old R100R beemer (special version) that was VERY fast. All different bikes - from FJR1300 to GSXR.
And we were lead mostly by one of my friends, he is demonically fast rider (trackdays regular GSXR man who lives in Switzerland) who managed to ride faster than anyone on old Yamaha Tenere 660 nobody could catch him in twisties.
Of course we did some "typical" passes too. Grossglockner pass (it was almost empty, Monday evening), Silvretta pass, Stelvio pass (2 times using different approaching roads). On Stelvio I got really pissed off by motorcycle riders more than any time by car riders. Some of guys there just headless. Countless times I was entering turn at usual pace and greeted by sign of mad rider who was basically running too wide and mostly on my side of the road.
Worst car drivers prize goes to Italians followed closely by Austrians not everywhere, but in some areas. Best food prize goes no questions to Italians and cheap too.
My Firestorm returned average of 6.5 liter per 100 km. Of course speeds on those twisties were limited, but rpms werent :)
Lot of fun was every time dropping into turn and progressively start opening up that torque twin right away from entry. Well, tyres were not really up to it, rear Conti just started ripping on surface and slid a lot but in predictable way. Immense fun. Then we had about 50-60 km one pass when we kinda been pushing it on really bumpy surface and my rear wheel few times fully lost contact with ground and engine was revving like mad Scary, but kinda manageable.
I am not sure about overall mileage, I think about 3500-4000 km including 2X650 km to/back part.
If anyone needs information where to go for best roads etc. - will be glad to help. I will post some photos when my friends with cameras will upload all stuff. DR on supermoto wheels will be at home there. Except you will need to update suspension I think, at least brace forks.
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