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Originally Posted by JeffD
I can see it working well in a tubless tire but seems like a tube tire would still have a tendency to split when punctured.
I wouldn't argue with your statement. TyreGuardian protects tubeless tires from up to 1/8" diameter punctures and 1/4" for tubeless tires.

I was at a bike shop a few weeks ago and one of the employees was running tubes in his tubeless tires. He asked me if TyreGuardian would create additional heat in the tire with this set up.

I said it would work and I didn't think much if any additional heat would be created but this didn't make sense to me.

Why run the tube? I asked. His response was he considered it extra protection from punctures. My suggestion was since TyreGuardian will protect tubeless tires up to 1/4" diameter punctures why would you reduce the protection by using a tube in the tire? I suggested he lose the tubes and use TyreGuardian in his tubeless tires.

Thanks for bringing the point up JeffD
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