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Originally Posted by PARIAH

Looks like a good product. Well worth it for piece of mind.
It is and it certainly does contribute to my piece of mind. I have had a few very scary experiences and two of them were flats at speed on a motorcycle. Both flats resulting from rapid deflation due to nails picked up on the road.

The front tire's rapid deflation wasn't too bad, the pucker factor only went to 9.5 on the 10 scale and I was able to scrub speed with the rear brake until I could slowly edge off the highway. Cagers honking like mad at me due to it being rush hour.

When the rear tire went flat a few weeks later at approximately the same speed (65 - 70mph) and area on a local highway the pucker factor went immediately to 12.5 on the scale. The tire jumped the rim, locked the wheel up and I understood very quickly what riding a bucking bronc must feel like. How I kept the bike upright is still a mystery. I'm running TyreGuardian in everything I have with tires and it works very well.
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