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Looking foward to the progression of this thread and learning from it. I enjoy doing ride reports after my rides but truthfully they pretty much suck lined up along side reports from the talented writers and photographers here.

A couple of my favorites are Larryboy and The Darth Peach.

Larryboy shows his passion, it's right out there for all to see and when he took his daughter along doing the photography in Death Valley - WOW!.

The Darth Peach, while she is not able to do long rides she has a way of making a ride around the block look fun and her sense of humor gives things a bit of added punch. She'd make those long boring rides out of town to the start and the finish of that last boring bit of ride back home some spice.

I enjoy reports people write while on the road, there is no sneaking a peak to find out the ending. I look forward to the progress and what turn the report takes next.

During the winter I followed a couple reports in South America and now I'm following these:


Job3-14 (Will and Amanda)

Both the above reports are fun because they are showing the ups and downs along the way as well as all the new things they are experiencing. The passion is coming out as they are experiencing so many things for the first time.

I always follow any report Radioman does and he is on the road now with
When I read what you said about passion I though about Mark and him jumping for a joy a few days ago in his report.

I'm looking forward to all the tips about writing a report after the ride and at the same time I hope someone with experience writing reports while on the road will jump in and add some tips as well.

Thank you for taking the time to do this.
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