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Sounds good, let's go!
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What a great thread! This concept has captured my imagination, having just written my first ride report this past Spring. It was so amazing riding to Panama and back on a 250 dirt bike that it seemed important to share the story with a wider audience.

Having emailed stories from the road to myself in the past, this trip was no different. The excitement of being on the road headed who knows where always compels me to email tales from the road to myself so I can read about it later. I forward them to friends as well. I have been doing this for years and always enjoy reading about road trips I have taken to Alaska or Baja or Guatemala, Asia, Costa Rica. Even years later, it is so fun to read these tales. They bring back the memories as if were yesterday.

I personally have to get my impressions down before they drift off. The idea of pen and paper journal or email of day to day impressions is important. Even better is posting ride reports from the road. This is what I intend to do next year when I head down to South America to wander around. I am a loner and have plenty of time to write and upload stuff. This wouldn't work so well for a more social person or someone traveling with others.

What I tried to do differently this time was to think about fellow ADVriders who might be heading down these roads in the future. So I brought along a camera. I have never taken along a camera since I am a minimalist to the max. I just stop in at internet cafes and write an email and send it to myself and friends. This trip I took an Ipod Touch with wifi internet access and used that to email myself and check out ADVrider and post some postcards from the edge to the minimalist touring thread on thumpers.

I took pics that I found interesting with a crappy 1 megapixel camera with the idea of writing a ride report to share with fellow ADVriders when I got home and could upload photos. This was GREAT. Why haven't I done this in the past? I am an idiot. I found myself stopping and taking cool pics of things I found interesting.

When reading ride reports, I like to learn from others mistakes and get ideas and useful information. So I like ride reports that are honest and forthcoming about costs, cheap places to stay, nuts and bolts info and current practical travel info to the countries and areas I may ride in. So I tried to include a lot of that.

I also like seeing pics of people you meet along the way. So took pics of riders and people that I met.

As well, I appreciate people who answer questions in their ride reports. Heck, it was drrags excellent ride report where I found out how cheap it was to get your teeth fixed in Guatemala. He was kind enough to answer my followup question with GPS waypoints to his dentist in Xela. That was a good enough excuse for me to hit the road to Guatemala.

I will be following this thread with great interest. What makes a great ride report is different for different people. That's what makes ADVrider so interesting! I appreciate humility, honesty, a positive mental attitude, never-say-die ride report. But let's face it, a ride report by a hot single female who rides like the wind, has excellent writing skills, is articulate and funny, and takes stunning photos of the Himilayas at sunset would get to a million view five star status in pretty short order.

Kindest regards,
John Downs
South America and back on a 250 Super Sherpa Minimalist Adventure

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